1. User Type

Young couple — 20–40 y/o (2)
You and your partner decide to go to a special place next summer. You realize you have both saved enough for the tickets and are planning to save as much as possible for the next 6 months to do this trip…

Case study of my second IRONHACK pre-work challenge

What is the goal of this Challenge?

During the previous steps which are empathise, define and ideate you have been analyzing stakeholders and users…

Citymapper is a public transport app and mapping service which displays transport options, usually with live timing, between any two locations in a supported city. It integrates data for all urban modes of transport, including walking, cycling and driving, in addition to public transport. It is free of charge to…

Adrien Derreal

Communication consultant, fan of multimedia creations and future UX/UI designer

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