Challenge 2: Wireframing

What is the goal of this Challenge?

Throughout this exercice we are going to work on a Mid-fidelity wireframe/ This is the start of the 4th step of the Design Thinking process.

What subject did I choose?

As you may have a clue, I worked on the Nike Run Club application. I’m used to track my runs with it. I thought it was a nice way to get started with Figma because the application is clear and the user flow is intuitive.

Here are the clones I did in the previous exercise:

Let’s see now the Mid-fidelity I’ve created:

Few words about the happy path:

1° The home page: This frame is created to go straight to the point. You don’t want to loose your time or your determination. You’re out on the field, ready to start, just one click from tracking your best run. Here we go!



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Adrien Derreal

Adrien Derreal


Communication consultant, fan of multimedia creations and future UX/UI designer